Ka'ak bil Agwa

Ka'ak is a biscuit and Agwa is a date - these are the imaginatively named 'Biscuits with dates', also known  as 'Ma'amoul', although these are slightly smaller and more crunchy than Ma'amoul.

These biscuits are addictively moreish. A decisive crunch, then a melt in the mouth crumble, followed by sweet, chewy dates - heavenly! Traditionally made as flattened balls or rolled into fingers, this year I ran a cookery workshop at the wonderful Wimshul Cooks and we had a go at making them Hamentaschen shaped for Purim (there were no Hamentaschen in Sudan). Everyone got creative with their shaping and it worked really well, so have fun!

50 Pieces 


500g pitted dates
1tbsp. orange blossom water
15g butter
1tblsp. cinnamon
•    Combine all of the ingredients together into a paste using a blender
•    Using buttered hands, form a heaped teaspoon of date mixture into a ball and gently flatten the top and bottom of each ball
•    Leave to refrigerate while you make the dough


500g plain flour
200g butter*
30ml oil
110ml cold water
    Beat the butter and oil together
    Form a crumble using the fat and the flour
    Add the water to make a dough 


    Preheat the oven to 170°C
    Assemble the biscuits by forming flat circles of dough in the palm of your hand, placing a date ball in the centre of the dough and closing your hand, pinching the top closed to form a ball and rolling in your hands until smooth. 
    Using tweezers pinch the tops of the balls into a design of your choosing
    Bake for 20-25 minutes until the dough has turned a light golden brown and the bottoms have darkened
    Leave to cool
    Optional: sprinkle with icing sugar

Before baking...

Before baking...