About Me


My name is Daisy Abboudi. All four of my grandparents lived in Sudan and three of them were born there.

I have interviewed over seventy members of the Jewish community of Sudan, and have researched the history of the community extensively. I am currently working on collating my research into a book.

For media enquiries, including interview requests, please contact me at: daisy@talesofjewishsudan.com

About the Community

The Jewish community of Sudan was a unique melting pot of Jewish people from all over the Middle East. Traditions and food cultures came together and adopted an extra Sudanese dimension.

The community I am primarily documenting began arriving in Sudan from 1901. It reached a peak of approximately two hundred families who lived a peaceful, cosmopolitan life in Khartoum, Omdurman and Wad Medani.

After Sudanese independence in 1956 and then the establishment of a new government allied to General Nasser in Egypt in 1964, the political situation in Sudan began to change and its Jews no longer felt safe. By 1973 the last Jews had left Sudan.

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